Best Weight Loss Diets According to US News

Best weight loss dietsObesity is simply having weight greater than what is considered healthy by Nutritionists. According to National Health and Nutrition, More than 1 in 20 adults have extreme obesity. Extreme obesity is something to worry about because it comes with various other health problems such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Though statistics are scary, there is hope for people suffering from obesity because there are various best weight loss diets available to you. There are various pros and cons of each diet plan. One may choose from the best weight loss diets based on their lifestyle and their needs.

According to U.S. News, weight watcher’s diet came in as their first choice among all other best weight loss diets. Their special point system is carefully planned according to food’s protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber count. In this system, foods that have less calories get lower points and foods high in calories get higher points. They claim 2 pounds weight loss every week. The best thing about this diet is that dieter may eat any food he/she want as long as weight watcher’s strict point system is rigidly followed.

The Health Management Resource (HMR) Program works similar to the Weight Watchers diet plan by allowing less calorie food. The best thing about this diet is that it has two options available: the in-clinic option and the at-home option. HMR have specialized meal replacements for dieters to eat during day. Nutrition and exercise, both are important aspects of this diet. Exercise does not have to be very rigorous; it can be 20-30 minutes of walk.

Raw food diet is another diet that is effective in weight loss. There is no calorie counting in this diet because raw foods have less calories and keep stomach full for longer. Not only is this diet good for weight loss, it is also very good for overall health. Though this diet is very effective in weight loss, dieters are not advised to continue it for long-term. According to a research done by The Institute of Nutritional Science, many dieters on raw food diet for long period of time ended with underweight and amenorrhea problems.

There are various weight loss diets available in today’s weight conscious times. Every diet has its own pros and cons. One must carefully examine all options available and choose the best weight loss diet that fits his/her weight loss goals, motivation and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

cold pressed juiceOver the last few years, the benefit of drinking natural fruit juice has become a hotly discussed topic across health and fitness mediums. Juicing offers a plethora of benefits for your body and your overall health, but you can cheat yourself out of nourishment if you aren’t juicing the right way. An out pour of research points to cold pressed juice as the reigning option when it comes to getting the most out of your juice. Cold pressed juices have become all the rage, as they’ve become widely available to consumers in two forms: on a grab-and-go basis almost everywhere you turn, as well as in your own home. Cold press juicers are becoming more and more affordable to adopt into your own kitchen as their popularity grows. So what’s the big difference between cold pressed and traditional juice?

  • Traditional juicers: operate by blending fruits and vegetables down using a sharp blade propelled by a motor; this exposes the juice to heat and open air, which can result in a loss of critical nutrition.
  • Cold pressed juice: extracted from fruits or vegetables by way of cold press, just as the name implies. The fruits and vegetables are crushed up and then exposed to a tremendous amount of cold pressure, which forces the juice away from the pulp without making it vulnerable to heat or open air.

Popular company Juice Press also points to freshness as a reason to stay away from traditional juices, saying that, “because the press does not force air into the juice during pressing, the juice does not decay as fast as with other methods of juice extraction.” This is an important consideration, as U.S. News reports that traditional juice companies, like Odwalla, have struggled with E. Coli becoming rampant in their juices, subsequently leading to one incident in which they had to recall their product during the late 1990s.

Drinking juice cold pressed not only protects your from ingesting sub-par product, but also ensures that you’re getting the most out of the immense and vital nutrition that fruits and vegetable have to offer. Your body will thank you.